Hi Friends!  I am Typhani, 18 year veteran of the wonderful world of teaching!  I have taught every level of high school English, in every demographic.  In 2003 I started building a dance program in a Southern California public high school, and that program was my life (literally...It was my everything).  I created a dance major where students took a total of 9 courses over 4 years (including pedagogy...yes, my seniors learned how to teach and became student teachers for my classes).  Our program had the only college/university approved honors course in California, and was recognized as a Bravo! recipient for excellence in arts education.  I was a proud Momma, but in 2014 I had the realization that I was married to my job... when did this happen??  I didn't even pick out a dress!  I also realized...it was time for a divorce.  Not because I didn't like it, I loved it, but it completely deFINeD me, and I needed to FIND me.  So I moved to the one place that I loved as much as my program...New York City!  I had no idea what to expect when I got here, but I was up for an adventure!  I accepted a position as a dance teacher at a Brooklyn High School and with in days I realized I had a greater purpose.  There were so many new teachers who needed a mentor and I was determined to be just that.  So I proposed a new teacher program and within four months of my arrival I was heading up a new teacher program and was the first official Instructional Coach of my school.  And now I am here, because I realize there is just not enough out there for our high school teachers, and teacher prep programs don't actually prep teachers (maybe in theory but certainly not the practical side of things).  No offense to prep programs, they are needed and they provide great information... but there is just so much more that no one talks about.  So I decided... "I want to talk about it" in a real, raw, uncensored way, because we don't need to sugar coat this sh*t! So, here I am... Welcome to The unTeacher Lab, where we STOP Teaching and START Reaching!   Email me anytime!                    typhani@stopteaching.org