Great teachers don't teach, they engineer learning experiences that maneuver students into the driver's seat and then they get out of the way.  -Ben Johnson

The Un-Teacher Lab is a space dedicated to training Un-Teachers (or Un-Training current Teachers).  For years we have been trained to teach, but in our contemporary world what is left to teach?  Information is at our fingertips, literally, so now we must experience.   The original teacher was meant to impart knowledge by providing an opportunity for information to flow from one mind to the other.  Archaically grounded in lectures, notes, and PowerPoint, contemporary education no longer requires a teacher but rather an engineer (a person who designs, creates, and builds) as suggested by Ben Johnson. 

Our mission is to train the un-teacher, the engineer, the artist to design and create opportunities for students to demonstrate knowledge in tangible relevant ways.   We are beginning our mission with teachers entering the profession by offering a free training on Landing Your First Position.  

This Summer we will hold three free webinars
Backing up your Buzzwords, Secrets & Lies, and Welcome to High School...again

In August we will launch our signature course
Stop Teaching Now: How to be a KickAss UN-Teacher

This is just the beginning of a Revolutionary Movement to

STOP Teaching and START Reaching