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Gearing up for Semester II Series Articles

The Gearing Up for Semester II series focuses on using objectives and data to create a solid start to the second semester.  It also takes a look at how to revamp your class community in order to create a smooth transition into semester II.

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Arts Education Philosophy Series Articles

The Arts Education Philosophy Series is a research journey answering the question, Do we actually practice what we believe?  This series walks readers through various surveys and questionnaires to narrow down a teachers' philosophy of arts education.  The series ends with a downloadable checklist to keep our philosophy and practice aligned.
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Gearing up for school Series Articles

The Gearing up for School series walks readers through the steps needed for a successful start to the school year.  These can also be revisited at the middle of a school year to ensure a successful start to the second semester.  This series includes first days, classroom management, syllabus, curriculum, grading, buzzwords, secrets and lies, and the phases of teaching. 
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